Tuesday, May 15, 2007



Work in progress

Work in progress
Artist Statement

Self-taught artist Quim Bové was born in the Catalonia region of Spain
where he became fluent in Spanish, French, Catalan and English. This
multi-cultural background has deeply influenced Bové throughout his
admirable career as a visual artist. He claims inspiration and influence
from such diverse masters as Piero della Francesca (Early Italian
Renaissance), El Greco (Spanish Mannerism), Diego Velazquez (Spanish
Baroque), Jan Vermeer (Dutch Baroque), as well as the Modern Greats: Pablo
Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Miro, Mark Rothko, Robert Smithson and Ed Rusha.
Bové worked as a window display director for Hermes in Southern France and
Christian Dior in Barcelona, Spain before moving to the US to work with
Saks Fifth Avenue.
As a contemporary painter with such diverse influences and interests, Bové
works toward an expression of personal concern in each piece. He is a
visceral painter who seeks to transform into vivid visual form his
feelings about human reactions to and within the universe. He represents
the energy of these reactions through color, which he feels expresses the
deepness of the human subconscious. Bové metaphorically compares his
painting process to that of an alchemist looking for the philosophical
stone. When he is painting, he permits himself to enter a trance-like
state in which he becomes one with the piece in a mystical union. The
physical action of painting is essential to Bové. He makes many careful
sketches for each painting in order to methodically calculate everything,
including the natural elements, that might modulate or act upon the
painting (Bové, unlike many contemporary artists, does not like "the
What Bové seeks to create in each work is a Sui Generis resulting in a
work which constitutes a class of its own, something absolutely unique, of
its own kind. He uses a color palette inspired by artists of the Italian
Renaissance in order to achieve a resplendent, inner glow. To achieve this
effect, Bové carefully blends and layers pigments and then unifies them
with a high gloss, resin finish that adds an additional dimension.
Technically, this final layer of resin is vital to Bové because it creates
a reflection of the space around the painting and creates a unique
dialogue (or dichotomy) between it and each viewer every time that viewer
looks at the work anew. Bové is involved in a continual research process
to discover the right contemporary vocabulary with which to express
himself. He wants only to project beauty, energy, and the singular imprint
of an artist who passionately loves the universe.

It is easy to understand why Bové's paintings strike such a resonating
chord in his viewers that his work hangs in public
and private collections in USA, England, Canada, Honk Kong, Andorra, Spain, France, He is represented in galleries in Atlanta, Sun Valley and Laguna Beach.
Scottsdale and Denver.